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One word, ASHNA, is a man of many talents. He started out on a journey that was very quiet yet very difficult. On that journey, he developed a “love” of sports and the arts.  He started out dabbling in soccer, track, volleyball, cricket, and tennis. After exploring, he came to realize that sports weren’t the kind of challenge he was seeking, so he decided to enter the world of design and art, and that’s where it all began. ASHNA worked throughout his career in multiple industries, but soon came to realize that the design and art industry is where he wanted to be. Fast forward to today, he is now the creative director of “ZERO ONE ZONE”, a ready-to-wear mens clothing brand. 


So who is ASHNA? From art shows, fashion shows, film, music videos, photo shoots, modeling, set and stage production, night life, security, club promotion, real estate, and charity events, he has experience doing it all. 


ASHNA has done shows in night clubs, private events, fashion events, college fashion shows, art shows, film festivals, film screening, and pop up events. 


ASHNA has also worked for multiple brands in the fashion industry, as well as from small to major brands and companies within the fashion, arts, marketing, and entertainment industries. 


So what’s next’s for ASHNA? You can look forward to seeing a few new brands he is currently working on, like ZERO ONE ZERO, KJUU, WANTED, and ART OF LIFE just to name a few. In case you were wondering what ZERO ONE ZERO means, it means,  a limited piece of something. 

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